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Club Founder

Hi I'm Tony,
The founder member of the kilo golf
international DX group which was formed in 1992 and
was originaly based in Birmingham England until 1996
when the headquarters moved to the U.S.A .The group is
still quite active in England and hopefully will be
for a long time to come.

Myself,im 32 years old divorced with three children
Adam who is 12 Jack 8 and Sam 2 years old. I live in
Birmingham which is the second largest city in the
UK,where i work as a local delivery driver.

I've been using C.B radio for 19 years and only 8
years on S.S.B,I've got 96 countries confirmed QSL and
more to come .My hobbies include my radio (11
metres),football,cricket and of course my children.

I look forward to speaking to you all soon why not
give us a call on the Kilo Golf monitor freq which is
26.375, here in England.
best wishes to you all 73s-51s
Tony 26KG-001